Hello Angels,

Two days ago it was my birthday. Many people feel disappointment during their birthday because they feel getting older.  I believe that we get a lot wiser when we get older.

I love birthdays and it is a great opportunity for self reflection. You can focus on the wins and your goals instead of social pressure and lack of accomplishments.

If you had the chance to celebrate your birthday, you still have the opportunity to reach your goals.

Birthday is a nice opportunity to celebrate yourself with your loved ones and realize how far you have come. Do your makeup, style your hair and wear something stylish to celebrate your special day.

First of all, your birthday outfit should make you feel comfortable. Especially in summer, slightly loose dresses are very comfortable.

Hot weather causes bloating and tight clothes can make you feel uncomfortable. Honestly, sometimes I feel bad when my stomach comes out when I wear tight clothes. ( Even though I know my stomach comes out because of bloating).

Birthday is an important event and I didn’t want to ruin my special day with an uncomfortable clothes. I wanted to be sure to feel comfortable and stylish in my birthday outfit (during birthday lunch and dinner).

On August, weather is extremely hot in Rome. This year extremely hot weather started at the end of June. No matter how much water you drink, it can be difficult to get rid of bloating.

In my birthday week, the weather was 37 degrees. For this reason, I prefered to buy slightly loose and charming dress.

I went to shopping with my mother two days before  my birthday and I bought jumpsuit instead of dress.

Jumpsuits are comfortable and stylish. I completed my look with ponytail and ballerina shoes.

When is your birthday? What do you like to wear in your birthday? Let me know it below

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