Hello Angels,

Turkish coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Turkish culture. As I am Turkish, I adore Turkish coffee. Every time I visit Istanbul, I buy a few packets of Turkish coffee. Before pandemic, my family and my friends were constantly visiting Rome and they were bringing me Turkish coffee and Turkish delight.

Actually I can find Turkish coffee in Rome but brand is very important for me. I prefer to buy freshly ground coffee.

Turkish coffee has a very rich culture and history. I have a blog post about it. If you would like to read Turkish coffee culture, you can read it from here.

I drink two cups of coffee every day. If I am in Italy, I drink one cup of Turkish coffee and one cup of espresso, cappuccino or Americano. If I am in Turkey, I mostly drink two cups of Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee is a part of the daily routine for Turkish people. I was in Istanbul in December 2020 to March 2021 but I couldn’t be able to drink at my favorite cafes. Because restaurants/cafes were open only for take away due to pandemic.

There is no Covid-19 restrictions right now. One of my favorite things to do in Istanbul is drinking Turkish coffee in a cafe with a sea view with the people I love.

Turkish coffee is often served with a sweet such as a piece of chocolate or Turkish delight and a glass of water on the side.

I don’t eat sugar but when I am in Turkey, I let myself eat small piece of gluten free cake, chocolate or Turkish Delight. Because all of these are very promising.

Have you ever had Turkish coffee? Let me know it below

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