Pinatex is a new leather which is made from waste pineapple leaves. It developed by Carmen Hijosa who was working in the leather goods industry in the Philippines. She discovered two big problems: leather was poor wuality and producing leather was bad both for the environment and the people who involved.

When Hijosa traveled around the country, she realized a lot of pineapples and ends up with a wasted pineapple leaves. She thought that It might be possible to turn them into a plant based leather.

Carmen also looked other alternatives such as banana fibers but when she made some researches, she realized that pineapple fibers felexible and strong to handle the manufacturing process.

Hijosa left her job in the leather industry and spent seven years at the Royal College of Art in London, developing the material. Now she is running a manufacturing of her pineapple based leather called Pinatex.

I love Pinatex company because It doesn’t hurt harm animals and has advantages for the environment. The company uses waste material and adds value.

Now wasted pineapple leaves an extra income source for farmers.

Fashion label Hugo Boss has launged a vegan men’s shoes which is made from a natural material  pineapple leaf fibres called Pinatex.