Hello Angels,

We all need a fresh start time to time. A person can start any day of the year if he/she has decided, but the new year is always associated with new beginnings. That’s why January is one of the best times for new beginnigs.

A 30 day New Year challenge is a great way to try something new and refresh yourself mentally and physically.

In today’s post I would like to share 30 day New Year challenge. This can be an inspiration for you. You can prepare your own challenge or follow this one.

Day 1: Walk

There is nothing like starting the first day of the year with exercise. The reason I put exercise on the frist day of the year isn’t because we ate too much  the night before. Exercise makes us more energetic and happy. You can go for a walk alone or with the people you love. You can chat while you exercise.

Day 2: List what you are grateful for.

Being grateful helps us see the positive things in our life and feel lucky.

Day 3: Try new healthy recipe

Most of people’s New Year Resolution list includes healthy eating. You can adopt healthy eating by trying easy healthy recipe.

Day 4: Be more present

If you are distracted, put your phone and try to be more present.

Day 5: Spend more time outside

You can walk on nature, stroll around the street or drink / eat something. Spendimg more time outside imprves our mood.

Day 6: Sleep more

Recent years, many people have sleeping problem. I also have this problem time to time. Exercise and diet has a huge impact on this. Go to doctor or observe yourself what makes you sleep and what doesn’t.

You can drink a herbal tea and read some book at least one hour before sleep.

Day 7: Eat slower

Eating slowly reduces calorie intake and make us more present while we eat our food.

Day 8: Try new exercise type

It can be yoga, pilates, etc. You can do from Youtube.

Day 9 : spend at least 30 minutes in nature.

Spending some time in nature has many benefits. It relaxes mind and body.

Day 10: Discover new songs

There are plenty of amazing songs. You can discover these wonderful songs and prepare new playlist.

Day 11: Do something you love

You can start an adult coloring book, puzzle, drawing, etc. These activities are relaxing and creative.

Day 12: Spend one hour without social media

Recent years, many people use social media or don’t use at least a day. According to them, it is relaxing and make them try new activities.

Day 13: Watch sunset

Especially if we are working from home, we go out less. Fresh air and beautiful view is one of the best things to boost our mood. Grab your favorite drink or snack and watch sunset.

Day 15: Learn something new

It can be new language, healthy eating, fitness, etc.

Day 16: Create a vision board

Vision board is perfect to boost your mood and see your goals in one place.

Day 17: Clean and organize your home

Cleaning your house is good to attract positive energies and declutter the things you don’t use it anymore.

Day 18: Read a book

Reading a book is relaxing. Grab your tea or coffee and pick up new book to read.

Day 19: Watch something funny

According to doctors, laughing has many health benefits. All you need to watch something funny to boost your mood and health.

Day 20: Relax

To relax, you don’t have to do any activity. Grab your favorite food and drink and sit and breathe.

Day 21:  Stretch

Stretching has many benefits. Make a stretching part of your workout schedule.

Day 22: Spend time with the ones you love

Sometimes we focus on our work, school and other things and we spend less time with the ones we love.

Give yourself a little bit break and spend time with them.

Day 23: Try a new outfit look

You don’t have to buy new clothes to create new outfit look. You can create different look with the pieces in your wardrobe.

Day 24: Try new makeup look

You can try different color lipstick, eyeshadow or anything you want. When it comes to makeup and fashion, many women hesitate to try new things. A little change can boost your mood and make you feel good.

Day 25: Buy yourself flowers

Having flowers at home many benefits. Buy yourself your favorite flowers which will add some romance to your house and make you feel better.

Day 26: Declutter your social media

Delete the pages and people you don’t like.

Day 27: Pamper yourself

You can go to hairdresser, spa or do some face and hair mask at home.

Day 28: Go on a date with yourself

You can go to museum, lunch, dinner, etc. It is relaxing and fun.

Day 29: Add new habit into your life

Our habits become routine in time. You can add new habit into your life to boost your mood.

Day 30: Explore the place where you have never been

You don’t have to go to different city or country. You can explore new restaurant or street in your town/city.

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