Hello Angels,

Rome is a magnificient city to visit all year round. Every month offers something special.

Last year, there had many restrictions because of Covid- 19. Gyms were suspended, there had a curfew and there wasn’t cultural events such as theatres and concerts. The regions were divided by color and when the region turns red, everywhere including hairdressers were closed.

Everything is becoming normal again and it makes me feel happy. Everywhere is open now and there is no curfew. It is really nice to see Rome crowded again.

Normally Rome  is not crowded during November but I am not sure if this November will be less crowd. Because most people couldn’t go on vacation throughout 2020 and now vacation is everyone’s priority.

In November, the hours of daylight diminish, the temperatures fall and rains a lot.

When the weather is sunny, I love walking around the city and when the weather is rainy, I love to stay at home, concentrate on my work and drink coffee/tea.

One of the amazing things to do during rainy weather is visiting museums. This year there are three amazing exhibitions (Klimt, Dane’s Inferno and Raffaelo) and you can visit them.

November is also an amazing opportunity to try new restaurants and visit popular landmarks. You can take a lot photos.

Christmas officially starts on December 8 but stores start to decorate their shop window in middle of the November. It is an amazing time to grab a hot chocolate and walk around.

November is also good for shopping. You can start to look Christmas gifts calmly.

If you are thinking to visit Rome, I highly recommend you to visit in November/ December. Weather can be cold but it is worth to visit.

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