Hello Angels,

There are a lot of delightful reasons to visit Rome in the fall; the temperature, food and festivals.

After summer’s intense hot and humidity, fall brings burnt color and chilliness of winter. Weather in October is amazing. Sometimes weather is rainy but usually not too much. The light, color of leaves on the lungotevere and astonishing sunset and skies are just amazing. It is a perfect opportunity to take photos.

October is one of the crowded times of the year. Because summer is over and Romans come back to city.

Fall is harvest season in Italy and one of the best thing about fall in Italy is a lot of food festivals. Some food festivals in Rome’s region Lazio included Chestnut Festival and Grape Festival in Marino. I highly recommend you visit Italy in  the fall for delicious, nutritious fall food.

In the fall, Italians use seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin or porcini mushroom risotto and pasta with truffles.

It is also great time to visit outdoor places because so lovely and comfortable. You can still eat outside and visit rooftop bars. There are also a lot of art and music events in October.

The amazing weather is a perfect opportunity to visit Rome’s outdoor historical sites. If you are interested learn more things about Roman areas, I recommend you visit Trastevere, Jewish Ghetto, Piazza del Pantheon, Piazza Navano, Trevi Fountain and Tiber Island.

Fall also great opportunity for shopping. The shop windows fill with stylish clothes, shoes and accessories. You can follow the trend and so some shopping in Rome. Visit Via Condotti for high end stores and Via del Corso for famous brand shops. Trastevere, Campo di Fiori and Monti are for both designer and more affordoble shopping areas.

If you are nature lover like me, I highly recommend you visit Borghese Gardens which host the Borghese Gallery. The garden is wonderful place for walking and relaxing.

What do you think fall in Rome? Let me know below