Hello Angels,

Let’s move away from the present and dive into the 20th century.

Old Hollywood is romantic and as a woman I can’t help but be inspired by their effortless yet glamorous style. Legends like Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn are just a few popular names who left their footprints in the history of Hollywood.

The beautiful stars were taking lessons such as posture, diction and acting. They were also taking care of their body. They were completing their sophisticated look with process of hair, makeup and stylish wardrobe. It was not an easy process and was taking months even years before actress become an A-list.

Even today, their sophisticated and feminine styles are one of the hottest trends. Beauty, makeup and fashion trends are still strongly influenced by glamorous Old Hollywood stars.

Wondering how to get impeccabile old Hollywood glam? Here are the tips that you may simply want to incorporate into your wardrobe and beauty routine.

  • Beauty and Make up Tips

One of the most popular Old Hollywood make up is porcelain skin, red lipstick and a cat eyeliner paired with fake lashes.

Eyebrows are also very important which change your entire appearance. Well groomed brows are also an essential for sophisticated Old Hollywood glamour.

  • Glow skin

How to give your skin glow?

Sophia Loren’s beauty tip is moisturizn the skin with olive oil.

  • Hair Tips

If you examine Old Hollywood actresses, you will see sexy curls. You can use curling iron or hot rollers for a sexy sophisticated curls.

  •  Flatter your features

No is perfect. We all have flaws. First we should be aware and accept our flaws. The old glam Hollywood is not about being super hot or flawless but learn how to flatter our positive features. Our make up and clothes preference should reflect our personality and beauty. If you know your body type, you can easily flatter your body with right choice clothes.

  • Femininity

Old Hollywood style is all about femininity. It is known for its romantic cuts and feminine prints. Form fitting corsets, flowy luxury material dresses curved draping gowns, etc.

Opt more elegant backless dresses, skirts and laces.

  • Lingerie

A sexy lingerie is an essential for a elegant lady. First be sure if you are wearing the right size of underwear. Why? Because clothes are more flattering with correct size of underwear.

Another lingerie tip for old Hollywood glam is to wear silk underwears. I can assure that you will feel sexy and seductive instantly.

  • Shoes

You can’t complete the look without modern twist of peep tope shoes, Mary Janes and strappy sandals.

  • Accessories

You can see a long strings of pearls to pearl drop earrings in Old Hollywood movies.

Hats were also very popular.

What is your favorite Old Hollywood actress? What is your favorite thing about Old Hollywood Glamour? Let me know below

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