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Are you ready for beach holiday?

For some countries, this is the time of year where people are going to beach or pool. Swimsuit shoppnig is a nightmare for some women. They don’t feel confident about their body and they don’t know which style best for them.

Yes, choosing the right swimsuit is hard but if you now which is the best for you and the type of your body, it is going to be easy to find the right one.

First of all, know your body type. Later, decide one piece swimsuit or two piece. You can pick bikini no matter what your body type is. There different one piece swimsuits and different bikinis as well. A bikini can have loose top which coverts the stomach area or have a high waist bikini bottoms wihch flatters the body.

Recent years, the choice between a one piece vs bikini is challenging because there are plenty of designs and materials. The unique cut and flattering features make both eaually unresistable.

A few years ago, if you were ask me bikini or one piece, I would say bikini without thinking. One pieces were not my style. Last year, first time I boguht myself a one piece swimsuit and I loved it so much.

If you are not sure what to buy, in today’s post I would like to share difference between one piece and bikinis?

One piece

  • Offers coverage

One piece particularly offers coverage around the midsection. However, nowadays there are plenty of different designs that offer cuts on th bottom and back which changes the traditional one piece swimsuit design.

  • Wearing as bodysuit

One piece swimsuits can be paired with a shorts and skirts. You can easily change your look for  happy hour at beachside. You can complete your look with some accessories.

  • Good for activities

One pieces offer an chic look and comfort during diving into the waves or do sport at the beach.


Bikini is good for mix sizes

With a bikini, you can create your own beach/pool side look by mix and match colors.

  • Wearing as Outfit

They also work perfect with a stylish beach cover up. You can directly go to casual dinner from pool or beach. Bikini offers trendy to classic and fuller coverage to sexy tops and bottoms.

  • Bikini is good for sunbath

If you prefer tanned skin, bikini is a better option because.

Do you prefer one piece or bikini? Let me know it below

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