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Confused about what to wear to a concert?

Whether you are going out to an arena tour or a small venue, when it comes to concert, outfit is as important as the music (at least for fashionistas). There are a few factors to consider when it comes to pick outfit for concert such as;


Concert’s venue (outdoor, indoor)

Music’s genre (Pop, rock, techno and more)

Will you be standing or sitting? (This part is very important because it will influence your footwear).

The key is dressing for comfort. You can be stylish while  stay comfortable.

If you are going to be standing and dance, you should opt flat shoes such as ankle boots without heels.

In today’s post, I would like to share the best outfit ideas for winter.

  • Leather Jacket + Jeans

If you are not sure what to wear, you can wear a pair of jeans with a leather jacket.

  • Top + Leather trousers

This look is for winter. You can pair it with t-shirt, crop top or long sleeve top ( depends on the location).

  • A Band tee + Skirt

Yes it cliche but some cliches are not bad.

If you love a band that you are going to see them, you can wear band t-shirt with an elegant touch. You can wear it with a skirt or jeans and complete your look with an ankle boots.

  • Wool coat + Jumpsuit

Jeans are a concert stable but if you prefer more elegant and stylish choice, you can opt jumpsuit. This all in one piece has many variations (from color the lenght) pick from.

  • Heels + Clutch

A concert doesn’t always need to be casual.  You can complete your look with heels and clutch.

  • Top/T-shirt + Shorts

If the indoor concert, you can wear t-shirt but if it is outside, you can wear long sleeve top, shorts with leggings .

  • Accessories

Tights, scarf and hat are the essential accessories to keep yourself warm in winter concert.

  • Crop Top + Palazzo Pants

These pants are very comfortable and look stylish with crop top.

  • Sequin Top + Skinny Jeans

If you prefer something flashy, sequin top is one of the best option. It looks amazing with skinny jeans.

What is your favorite outfit idea for concert? Let me know it below

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