Hello Angels,

One of my favorite things is day trip. I love to visit cities and towns near to Rome.When I was at university, I was going to day trip constantly for a relax and reflect.If you are stresful and looking for a way to relax, I highly recommend you day trip.

Especially Covid-19 reflected many people around the world in a bad way. Many people felt stressful and super exhausting during lockdown.

All you need to recover from the stress is some relaxing getaway. Go alone or with the people you love. Even a few hours in different place will have positive impact on you.

Day trip can be tiring if you are not adequately prepared for it. As much as this sounds exciting, choosing your outfit is an essential. I believe that outfit for a day trip should be casual while looking stylish at the same time.

What you should wear during your day trip may vary according to weather. Here are a few tips before you should hitting the day trip in winter:

  • You can opt sweater, jumper dress, trousers, and leggings.

  • Keep your hair, makeup and accessories minimal.

  • Carry a large handbag to keep your essentials such as moisturizer, water and snacks.

  • Sneakers, ankle boots and high knee boots are preferable.

9 Outfit Ideas

  • Coat +jumper dress + knee high boots

  • Oversized sweater + leggings + ankle boots

  • Sweater + trousers + boots

  • Long sleeve bodysuit + trousers¬†¬† + boots

  • Sweater + Skinny jeans + ankle boots

  • Wool, long sleeve crop top + wide leg jeans +sneakers

  • Wool cardigan + dress + ankle boots

  • Leather jacket + dress + high knee boots

  • Long sleeve jumpsuit + boots

What is your favorite outfit for day trip? Let me know it below

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