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When it comes to choose an outfit for engagement photo, your personal taste is a key factor. The outfit you choose should make you feel happy, so wear something that feel like you. If you are not a dress person, don’t feel pressured to wear something formal and elegant. Instead, choose something represents your style. You can wear something classy and timeless or something trendy and modern.

Location and season are the biggest factor when you decide your outfit for an engagement photos.

In today’s post, I would like to share outfit  ideas for engagement photos.


  • Clothes that feature logos, mixed patterns or large graphics

  • Choose neutral tones, pastels and cool colors. Don’t wear neon colors because these colors are least photogenic which make your dress or skirt to be focus of your photography.

  • Use at least one accessory. You can opt earrings, necklace, etc.

Outfit Ideas Fall and Winter

  • Don’t be scared to bundle up. With the right styling, it can be really cute.

  • Since temperatures tend to dip during fall and winter, opt knits and long sleeves.

  • If you have an engagement photoshoot around the holidays, you can opt satin or velvet fabrics. It is perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit.

  • You can ever go wront with wrap dress. It is classy and timeless. You can opt long sleeve one for fall/winter.

  • If you prefer something different, you can opt tailored jumpsuit. Especially high neckline is very elegant.

Engagement Photo Outfits For Summer and Spring

  • Spring and summer are seasons of engagements and weddings. If you are opting for the outdoor photo session, you can opt breathable fabrics line linen and cotton.

  • You can choose midi dress in pastel color.

  • If you get into mood for wedding,  you can wear something white. You don’t have to hold off until your wedding day. It is your special day, after all.

  • Details on the dress make it a standout option for engagement photos. You can opt something sheer sleeves or ruffle details.

  • Lace is an sophisticated fabric. You can pick something with lace.

  • Spring is the season of flort. You can opt something flirty such as floral design dress.

  • Spring and summer are perfect for pastel tones. You can pick something in pastel color.

What is your favorite outfit tip for engagement photo session? Let me know it below

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