Hello Angels,

Staying in can be just as fun as going out.

Cold days are coming and spending some time at home is one of the best things to do during winter. Especially after social distance and staying away from the people we love, what we need is quality time with our loved ones.

Who says you should look best when you go out? You can dress up to stay in. We, as fashion lovers want to be styling even in our homes and yes that includes sitting hours on our couch.

One of my favorite item is mermaid blanket. It is amazing for movie nights. Grab your favorite blanket and snacks and start the movie night. You can find mermaid blanket from here.

Finding between comfortable and looking good outfit is easy (with the right styling).

In today’s post I would like to share outfit ideas for movie night at home.

Prepare the snacks, get dressed for the movie night and invite the people you love.

  • Sweater and leggings

  • Loungewear

If you are not feeling dressing up, you can choose your favorite loungewear. Have everyone wear their loungewear.

  • Knit Dresses

When you are going to sit on the sofa for hours, dress is the most comfortable piece. You can sit and eat without feeling bloated.

  • Chunky Cardigan , Crop Top and Leggings

Chunky cardigan is an easy layering piece and convenient for freezing winter. You can throw on or off anytime you want.

  • Kimono and shorts

You will be at home so you can wear your favorite shorts with kimono.

  • Cropped sweater and leggings

  • Cropped sweater and shorts

  • Knit wrap top with leggings.

What is your favorite outfit for movie night? Let me know it below

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