Hello Angels,

This year, extreme hot and humid weather started at the end of June in Rome. It is difficult to makeup, wear a dress and  spend time at outdoor. No matter how hot the weather is, I always prefered to wear makeup, sandals and ballerina flats.

Sneakers and ballerina flats can be worn all season long but sandals can be worn only in summer and beginning of fall season.

Embellished sandals are stylish but for short long hours. If you will be walking for long hours, they give discomfort.

This year, both because of the extremely hot weather and because of my desire to change my style, I prefer sporty look.

This summer, my favorite pieces to wear are sneakers and denim shorts. These pieces are versatile and you can create different lovely looks. Especially sneakers are perfect for long hours walk.

One of my favorite combination is white t-shirt, denim shorts and white sneakers and today I picked these pieces as an outfit. This combination is comfortable, makes you look stylish, cool and young.

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