Hello Angels,

We are in last month of summer and I can’t believe how days are passing very fast. This summer was very different than others. First time I see Rome so empty.

Romans are going to holiday or beaches but city was full of tourists. First time, Rome doesn’t have many tourists.

We are in August now and many Romans already gone to holiday. This summer I didn’t do any holiday plans and I am not a beach person so I am in the city. Mornings I go to gym, work from home and do my things to do later I prefer to go out.

I love to go out afternoons / evenings. Rooftops are open now and I love to spend some time there.

Summer is a short season and I am trying enjoy every moment. Going out is a perfect opportunity towear the most stylish summer outfits. I love to create new looks so much.

As you know me, I often prefer dresses. August is usually hottest month in Rome. During the hot days, wearing something stylish and comfortable can be challenging. One stylish yet comfortable dress and flat shoes are perfect outfit for go out

I picked four different outfits from my online store. They are nice for rooftop. They are versatile. The key is right styling. You can complete your look with wedges, flats or accessories such as a nice earrings or a bracelet.

Summer Nights

Sequin dresses are not only for formal events anymore. You can wear it in various places in various ways.

Summer nights dress is a handmade. You can complete your look with stilettos and clutch.

Sequin Rose Gold

Flirt Dress

If you are going to meet your friends at rooftop after work, you can pick Flirt dress. It is an amazing handmade dress for a work and evening events. You can complete your look with nude stilettos.


Secret Attraction

It is a handmade dress from my online store. It has small and medium size. You can complete your lok with gray high heels.


Capri Dreams

It is a handmade dress. It is a versatile dress so you can wear at work later you can meet with your friends without changing your outfit. You can complete your look with a clutch and gray high heels.

What your favorite dress for a rooftop? Let me know below

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