Hello Angels,

Packing for a travel is one of the most stressing thing. Deciding what to wear in Switzerland during Spring is more stressing. Because one day weather is 20 degrees and sunny, the next day it can be 9 degrees and rainy.

Before I visit there, I controlled the weather forecast and I didn’t believe it because there was a huge difference apart one day. My luggage was small and I didn’t believe the huge difference apart one day that’s why I packed lightweight spring clothes. I only brought leather jacket as a coat.

I wasn’t expecting a warm weather like Italy but I never imagined that one day weather will be hot like summer and next day will be freezing like winter. I witnessed this change personally there that’s why in today’s post I would like to share packing tips for Switzerland in spring.

What to pack?

Luggage size and weight problem is a common problem.  You should consider which places are you going to go? These places require formal or casual outfit? Later, plan your outfit for these places.

  • Rain Jacket

If you are going to visit mountains, bring durable jacket that will keep you warm and dry against rain.

  • Leather Jacket

I love leather jackets so much. You can wear it with almost every thing. It is a nice piece for stylish look.

  • Long Sleeve Tops/ Blouses

Long sleeve tops/blouses must have in your spring luggage. They are easy to combine and keep you warm during chilly morning.

  • Short Sleeve Tops/ Blouses

Switzerland is unpredictable. If the weather is hot, you can wear short sleeve top/blouse with jeans/trousers.

  • Jeans

Jeans are perfect holiday clothes because they are versatile and comfortable. You can wear with blouse and high heels or wear it with long sleeve top and ballerinas.

  • Dresses

I personally love dress so much. They don’t keep space in luggage and elevate the look. You can wear with leggings and complete your look with jacket or shawl.

  • Blanket Scarf

Blanked scarfs are good traveling companions. You can use as a blanket in airplane or use in chilly mornings.

  • Boots

Boots must have in spring luggage because you can never know what weather brings. Boots are perfect savior from cold and rainy weather and stylish to complete your outfit.

  • Ballerina Flats

I adore ballerina flats and I always put a pair of ballerinas in my luggage. If the weather is sunny, you can wear it with dresses or jeans. They are so comfortable and glamorous.

  • Sneakers

If you are going to walk so much, you should bring at least one pair of sneakers. Recent years, sneakers are very trendy and they go perfect with dresses. You can create stylish and comfortable look for a trip.

What would you pack for Switzerland in spring time? Let me know below

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