Hello Angels,

Pantone Colour Institute picked color of the year 2022 earlier this month. The color of the year 2022 called Very Peri or Pantone 17-393. It is described as a ‘dynamic perwinkle blue hue with a violet red undertone’ blends the ‘faithfulness and constacy of blue with the excitement and energy of red’ which creates an ‘empowering mix of newness’ the company announced.

This color is an innovation for the Pantone Color Institute because first time in their history they manufactured a new color instead of choosing existing color.

According to company the reason of creating new color is pandemic. Because pandemic impacted our lives and forced people to think outside the box.

Pantone picks Colour of the Year more than 20 years. Pantone’s team of color experts analyzes color trends and influences from fashion, art, design and other life style inspirations to arrive at a color that highlights global trends.

I personally think that Pantone Colour Institute made a couregous choice. It is a nice example to be more couregous and offer new things. I loved this color and it is an amazing example of creativity.

What do you think Pantone’s color of the year 2022? Will you be using Pantone’s colour of the year? Let me know it below

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