Hello Angels,

After Covid- 19 and its restrictions, I am more grateful for my old travel experiences.

When it comes to travel, Paris is on top of the list for many people. I visited this beautiful city two times (in September 2014 and May 2015).

In my first travel, I was very nervous because I had an project presentation for an exam the day after the holiday. When I booked for holiday,I thought I would finish the project for the exam. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the project and I worked on it at night in Paris.

I had an extra stress because the professor of the exam was very terrible. She was unpredictable and her ideas were changing constantly. She was generally shouting to everyone and It was making me nervous.

Those days I was scared from my exam, I was sad and tired. When I remember now, it seems ridiculous because one way or another, when you want something, you do. I wanted to present a nice project and pass the exam and I did it.

I spent only three days in Paris and I wanted to visit all popular places. Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and Seine were on top of my bucket list for Paris.

I woke up early and I visited all the places in two days. When I told about this to people, everyone shocked because visiting Paris in two days is impossible. How did I manage that? Of course with taxi.

I couldn’t visit museums in my first trip to Paris but I visited the places I wanted and I ate the things I wanted.

I took a night cruise on Seine, ate croissant and macaron from Laduree and Pierre Herme, visited Sacre Cour, stroll through Saint Germain Des Pres and Champs – Elysees and visited D’orsay museum and Louvre museum.

My second trip was more calm. I didn’t run all places like my first trip.

I stroll through on the streets with my mother, we ate macaron, did some shopping and visited Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibition.

I would like to visit Paris again and this time I would like to see Versaillas Palace  and Disneyland.

Have you ever been in Paris? How was your experience?

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