Hello Angels,

With the beginning of new year, process of adapting a New Year Resolution list began.

A New Year’s resolution is a popular tradition (especially in the Western World), in which a people accomplish a personal goal, improve their life or change an undesired behavior.

According to researches, 35% of people fail their New Year Resolutions. Some of the reasons are;

  • Unrealistic goals

  • Not keeping track of the process

  • Many resolutions

I personally love New Year Resolution list. I achieve the goals I set in during that year because I set realistic goals and divide them into small steps. For example, you want to have abs. You can’t set a goal like having abs in one week. It is unrealistic. You should divide this goal into small steps such as, exercising 4 times a week and eating healthy food to have abs. When you do like this way, you will not lose your motivation and willing to achieve your goals in your New Year resolution list.

I believe that one of the way to achieve the goals is having a peaceful morning routine. Morning routines are very important and I wrote about importance of routines in my previous posts.

Mornings can be chaos (especially when you ned to reach somewhere). A chaotic morning can set the stage of a day. All you need to change your approach and add some motivating routines to have a peaceful morning.

You don’t have to be morning person to have a morning routine. If you don’t have to wake up early and prefer to wake up late, it is ok. You can start your routines from  the time you wake up.

I am sure that you heard benefits of meditation in morning. Personally, sometimes I prefer to meditate in the morning sometimes not. You don’t have to do same things every time. All you need to discover, realistic and nourishing morning routines and adapt them.

In today’s post, I would like to share routine ideas for peaceful morning.

  • Wake up times that make you feel energized

Don’t force yourself to wake up at 5 in the morning. If you are not an early riser, wake up times that make you feel good.

  • Stay off your phone for at least 30 minutes

When you wake up and check your phone first thing in the morning actually make you feel more stressed and make you lose time.

Until last year,  I was checking my phone before I start my day and I realized that I spent so much time.  Without my phone for an at least 30 minutes I have more time to focus on myself.

  • Prepare a healthy breakfast

I am sure that you heard many times importance of breakfast for our health. Do nice something for yourself and prepare a healthy breakfast.You don’t have to prepare a breakfast for hours. You can prepare breakfast healthy breakfast in five minutes such as fruit with yogurt and nuts or you can prep breakfast the night before such as banana bread.

If you have been in Turkey, you know Turkish breakfast. It is huge and full of foods such as egg, different cheese types, bread, butter, etc. As a Turkish, I adore Turkish breakfast. I don’t prepare myself everyday because it takes time but I prepare myself on weekends.

  • Take time to do something you love

Focus on some fun things you love to do at least 10 minutes in the morning. It can be drawing, coloring a coloring book or listening to music. Starting your morning with something fun boost your mood and motivate you.

  • Meditate

According to researches, meditation has many benefits on us. Meditation can be part of your morning routine to start your day in positive way.

  • Breathing exercise

Practicing deep breathing in the morning is reducing stress and rejuvenate the mind. You can find find deep breathing exercises on Youtube.

  • Be Grateful

I don’t know why but many people focusus on negativity easily instead of positivity. Spend some quiet time with yourself in the morning and be grateful things in your life. It can be anything or anyone that makes you feel happy.

  • Visualize

Visualizing is a one of the effective tools to achieve our dreams/goals. Spend a few minutes to visualize your day and your future self.

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