Hello Angels,

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and It isn’t a big deal for me ( whether there is someone in my life or not). I love this day’s theme because everything is all about love – teddy bears, roses and Valentine’s day chocolate. It is an amazing day to feel love and contact  or meet with the people we care.

Valentine’s Day is also a good excuse to indulge yourself. Many single people hate from Valentine’s Day. Instead of hate, see this day as an opportunity  to celebrate and gratitude the best things in your life.

Buy some flowers and your favorite chocolate and watch your favorite movies.

In Italy, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. You can see Valentine’s Day decoration and chocolates  but it is not a huge holiday.

Perugina is one of the popular chocolate brands and it has iconic Baci chocolates. Baci means kisses in Italian.  You can see Baci teddy bears and chocolates almost in supermarkets and bakerys a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. When I see them on supermarket, I realize that Valentine’s Day is coming.

There are many Italian chocolate brands but Baci is my favorite chocolate. I think because of the its name 🙂 iconic Perugina Baci chocolate is filled with whipped milk chocolate, topped with a whole hazelnet and covered with dark chocolate.

Each chocolate wrapped in foil decorated with a starry sky and includes  love notes and proverbs from popular authors and philosophers in English and in Italian.

Th chocolates are made in outside of Perugia which is birtplace of San Valentino.

This year Baci Perugina celebrates its 100 and the company collaborated with Dolce and Gabbana for special packaging and flavor.

What is your favorite chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Let me know it below

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