Hello Angels,

Fall make many people sad. I personally love every season and I try to enjoy as possible I can. Weather in Italy is amazing during fall. It is not freezing and not very hot. It is a perfect time to travel.

When I have a opportunity, I love to visit places/cities/towns. Especially my family and friends are willing to visit regions/towns near to Rome because they visit me for years and love to discover new Italian places.

In today’s post, I would like share beautiful places to visit near to Rome during fall.

  • Bagnoregio

Located on the northetn side of the province of Viterbo. The town hosts one of the most popular events which is Festa del Bosco or Feast of the Wood. This event brings many tourists around the second half of October. The event presents local products such as wine, brries and chestnuts.

  • Sutri

Sutri is one of the lesser known towns whivh makes for an ideal day trip from Rome. Located on cliffs of northern Lazio about 50 km from the Rome. There are ancient Roman and Etruscan monuments.

  • Anagni

Located in the heart of the Ciociaria region which is countryside to the southwest of Rome.

The medieval hill town has rich history and birthplace of a series of popes in the Middle Ages. There are so many architectural treasures whivh makes one of Italy’s greatest artictic town.

  • Nepi

The city also known as the City of Water. There is a arcade aqueduct that welcomes visitorts at the entrance of the city. There is a also waterfall at the back of the Borgia fortress. It is a romantic city which is amazing for a day trip.

  • Orvieto

Orvieto is located in Umbria region. Umbria has vineyards and fertile landscapes which is worth to visit.

Orvieto is one of the most beautiful hilltop towns in Umbria. It is close to Lazio. Etruscam era tunnels and grottos, wine cellars and Renaissance painter Luca Signorellis’s frescoes in the Chapel of San Brizio make this lovely town promising.

  • Albano Laziale

Albano is a small town which is close to Rome. There are archeological and architectures finding originating from the Latium Vetus to Renaissance period.

There is also a lake which is worth to visit.

  • Castle Gandolfo

The small town is famous for the Papal Palace where Popes have spent their summers since the 17th century. It is surrended with nature and beauty.

What is your favorite place to visit near Rome during fall? Let me know below

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