Hello Angels,

We are in last days of 2021. New year symbolizes new beginnigs and many people are excited to add new habits/routines in their lives in the beginning of new year.

I love to prepare fitness, drawing, etc… challenges to take care myself and achieve new goals. Especially after a relaxing and cozy holiday with our family, we can start to try new things.

There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to indulge with delicious food and skip your routines during the holidays.

Everybody has different personalities and hobbies. For example, I love to exercise so much and it is a huge part of my life but you may exercise only for your health, not because you love. That’s why Post- holiday challenge should be something inspire you and push you toward your goals.

If you are not sure what should include post holiday challenge, things to you want achieve. It can be learning a new language, eating healthy or drawing. Let’s say you want to draw. First, make a research about drawing. Make a research on Pinterest and follow pages on Instagram about drawing for motivation. When you see amazing things about your goal, you will feel motivated to start on a post holiday challenge.

I prepared my post- holiday challenge and it only  things make me feel good and motivated.

In today’s post  I would like to share with you as an example. If you are not sure how to prepare it, you can check mine.

30 Day Post Holiday Challenge

  • Exercise five days a week

  • Drink a lot of water

  • Meditate everyday

  • Stretching at least five minutes

  • Gratitude everyday

  • At least 5000 steps everyday

  • Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables

  • Maximum two times a week cheating meal

  • Drink herbal tea everyday such as green tea

  • 7 hours a sleep

  • Reading a book before sleep

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