Hello Angels,

New year means new energies, opportunities and beginnings.

After movie marathons, drinking hot chocolates and eating cookies in holiday time, beginning of the new year can be difficult to concentrate and restart to our routines.

Many people have lack of energy and low motivation in the first weeks of new year because they push themselves to achieve things in their new year resolutions.

Another reason is end of the holiday season means putting Christmas decorations and lights on shelves back.

You should restore your energy and you should start the new year with entusiasim to attract positive things into your life.

In today’s post, I would like to share post holiday recovery tips.

  • Take it slow

One of the main reasons for burnout is overwork. Overwork doesn’t mean only job. It can be study at university, being mom or self employment.

I work from home for more than five years and first months of my job, I had a urge to work non stop which is not good physically and mentally. Resist to urge to be always on and take it slow.

  • Watch your favorite tv show, read a book or just sit. Allow yourself to take time for you

Especially after holidays, many people push themselves to return their daily life, routine. When you push yourself so hard, it will cause unhappiness and depression.

  • Set an achievable goals

Many people don’t stick to their New Year’S Resolutions because they are unrealistic. For example, setting a goal like losing a weight 5 kilos in one week is something unrealistic. If you want to lose some weights, you should set small goals to reach it.

  • Have a healthy diet

Especially eating surplus in holidays, our body needs detox. For me, detox means eating healthy food and drinking a lot of water. Don’t punish yourself because of surplus eating. Enjoy and eat in holidays but when you return your daily life, continue on your healthy diet.

Healthy diet doesn’t mean only fruits and vegetables. You can still eat carbs, desserts and more but in moderation.

  • Be in nature

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to post holiday recover. It reduces stress and help you sleep better.

  • Reevaluate your habits

Habits make part of our life. After holidays, keeping our habits can be challenging. New year is an amazing time to reevalute your habits. When we do activities constantly, they become our part of routine and we continue to do these activities without thinking good or bad.  Are they good for you or not? For example, if you watch series until midnight and sleep only a ew hours, it is not good but you do for months or even years and you don’t even realize that it became a routine.

Replace bad habits with the good ones. Don’t hesitate to throw some new rituals.

  • Exercise

Exercise should be part of your life for healthy mind and body. You don’t have to go to gym or do high intensity workouts. From yoga to pilates, there are many options to pick.

Workout is a perfect way for post holiday recovery and be motivated and energetic.

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