Hello Angels,

There are many reasons to love Fall season. One of the reasons are pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice lattes are not popular in Rome but you can find pumkin cakes, ice creams, beauty products, etc.

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of pumpkin but last a few years, I am a huge fan of anything about pumpkin.

It is a nice way to welcome fall season with some pumpkin spice colors or products.

Recent years, pumpkin spice makeup became popular. If you are not sure which colors you should use for a pumpkin spice makeup, you only have to check pumpkin spice ingredients. Because pumpkin spice is blend of nutmet, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. The warm palette includes browns, golds and coppers.

How to do pumpkin spice makeup?

  • Choose a color palette

Pick warm colors such as orange and brown.

  • Base color

Apply a base color on the lids. Pick eyeshadow shade that is closer to your skin color.

  • Transition shade

Transition area is just above the crease and below the brow bone. Pick eyeshadow shade that is closer to your skin color.

  • Outer lid, lower lash line and crease

Apply orange shade on the outer lid corner and crease.

  • Lid shade

Apply warm brown shade into crease.

  • Highlight the inner corner and brow bone

Pick gold tones for highlight inner corner, brow bone and tear ducts.

  • Line the eyes

You can use brown tones for line your eyes.

  • Bronzer

You can apply some bronzer on cheekbones for pumpkin spice makeup.

  • Blush

Apply orange shade of blush.

  • Lip color

You can apply brown or orange shade of lipstick.

Do you love pumpkin spice makeup look? Have you ever tried it? Let me know it below

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