Hello Angels,

Life is filled with many beutiful things such as love, prosperity and wonderful people also it is filled with challenges, rude people and obstacles. You may start your day with positive feelings later someone  you don’t know on the street or somewhere else may make you angry because of its rude behavior. Unpleasant event/people can easily ruin our day. The only way to cope with negative people or event is to accept them.  Don’t let someone or event make you feel sad.  It is true some of us deal with tough issues easier than others. All you need to find your way to deal with it.

One of the best things have a strength when you are feeling low is to read inspiring quotes.

Especially 2020, brought uncertainty about the future. Challenging times may cause pressure and  anxiety. If you find yourself dealing with stress, know that you are not alone. All you need to grab your tea/coffee, sit somewhere quit, breathe and start to read inspiring quotes. In today’s post, I would like to share my favorite inspring quotes.

‘ Don’t let energy drainers try to feed off of you by giving them attention or being reactive to their negativity. Ignore them’

‘Today be thankful and think of how rich you are. Your healh is wealth, your family is priceless, and your time is gold’

‘Focus on your long term goal. Good things will soon happen.

‘You are important and you exist for a reason’

‘ Everything will happen for you all of a sudden and you will be thankful you didn’t give up. Blessings are coming. Believe that. ‘

‘Become better and you attract better’

‘ Stop thinking you will be stuck in your situation forever. We feel like our heart will never heal or we will never get out of this impossible struggle. Don’t confuse a season for a lifetime. You will grow, life will change, things will work out.

‘ Try saying nothing negative for 24 hours straight and watch your life change’

‘ Make peace with your past. So it doesn’t spoil your present.

‘ Stop thinking too much, It is alright not to know all the answers.

‘Waking up is the greatest gift the morning can give. Please be thankful your eyes opened to see another day to do better and grow better.

‘You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully. Your environemt will become you.

‘ Look for positive in every day. You may be having a bad day today but tomorrow you will be having a good day, you just need to get through today with a positive attitude.

What is your favorite inspiring quotes? Let me know it below

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