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Friends Rachel Green character is universally ‘90s fashion icon. The decade’s It girl played by Jennifer Aniston. Even today her style remains a source of inspiration.

I have never been able to fully watch the Friends series ( of course until the pandemic).

I watched it from start to end when I was at home all day due to the pandemic.

Rachel is the character who most evolves in style throughout the 10 seasons. From her first appearance in a weddind dress, she has in fact became an fashion icon.  Blazers, mini skirts, slip dresses and sweatshirts are part of er wardrobe. Rachel Green’s style is so good and cool. Most her outfits are still completely wearable.

In today’s post, I would like to share Rachel Green’s outfit you can still wear today.

  • Blazer

Rachel’s wardrobe was full of versatile pieces. One of her go to piece was blazer. From simple to animal print, she wears different styles of blazers during seriers.

One of the Friends episode she wears statement making leopard blazer with maxi skirt.

  • Fur Coat

Rachel character doesn’t scared to take risk when it comes to fashion. One of the Friends’ episode she wears bright colored fur and complete her look with sweater and maxi skirt.

  • Cardigan

Cardigans were very popular during ‘90s and Rachel wears it with mini skirt.

  • Little Black Dress

The lbd is must have wardtobe staple and it was also for Rachel.

  • A Knotted Blouse

This simple styling add instant trendy look to any blouse. You can pair it with high waist jeans like Rachel.

  • A Slim Fit Roll Neck

This is a winter staple and Rachel was wearing with mini skirts

  • T-shirt and Jeans Combination

This look is classic and Rachel wears it many times. Sometimes she wears printed shirts.

  • Denim Overalls

Denim overalls were ‘90s popular outfit. One of the epiodes Rachel wears it with sneakers and jacket.

  • The Mint Dress

One of the Friends episode, Rachel Green wears mint green dress with strappy sandals.

The mint color is still trendy and can be worn even today.

  • Slip Dress

Rachel wears ‘90s popular slip dress many times in series.

  • Mini Skirt

Mini skirt is Rachel’s wardrobe staple. She wore it with button dows, long sleeve tops and turtlenecks and most of time she paired it with knee high boots.

  • Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts were also very trendny in ‘90s and of course Rachel wore it many times.

  • Platform Shoes

A platform shoes were very popular especially in ‘90s.  In Friends, Rachel wears them many times.

  • Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are timeless and Rachel wears them time to time during 10 seasons.

  • The Shoulder Purse

The shoulder purse has emerged in the ‘90s and Rachel used it immediately.

What is your favorite Rachel Green outfit? Let me know it below

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