Hello Angels,

Rain boots are must have winter shoe essentials in Mediterranean countries. Honestly, I didn’t like them at first.

First time I wore them in Barcelona (when I was in high school)  because fall and winter times were very rainy and I wanted to wear something keep me dry. I opted rain boots unwillinly but when I felt comfortable, I started to like them.

Rain boots are very practical, comfortable, versatile yet rain resistant so I opt rain boots in Rome for years because Barcelona and Rome’s climates are similar (both are Mediterranean cities). Sometimes rain can be very heavy and rain boots are perfect savor during these humid days.

Fall and winter times are changeable in Italy. Sometimes the weather is sunny sometimes it is very rainy. The highest rainfall occurs during November and December.

Today, rain boots are very fashionable.  You can opt them even in office. You can find them in various styles and colors. Brands like Prada and Dior presents stylish rain boots every fall/winter. You can opt Hunter style rubber smooth tops or Chealsea style elastic sides and can sit anywhere from the ankle to knee.

Personally, rain boots until knee are better option because they are more practical when it rains heavy. Especially if you are living in somewhere rainy, I am sure that your priority will be stay dry. They can protect the leg from humid until knee.

You can wear them when you go for a lunch/dinner or walk through the park. From dresses to jeans, they look amazing with any outfit.

Do you like rain boots? If you have one, how do you pair them? Let me know it below

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