Hello Angels,

It is that time of year again, rainy fall.

Especially in Rome, November is very rainy. I personally enjoy the rain when I am at home. If you are at outside, it may ruin our outfits and hair. But if I am out I still enjoying it.

I started to enjoy rain at outside when I pack rain essentials. Especially in Rome, sometimes weather can be unpredictable. In past, I was always leaving my umbrella at home because it was sunny before I left home. Later rain was starting and I was trying to find a place to buy an umbrella.

Especially in fall and winter time, I am ready to rain.

On weekends, we love to have a trips so with some rain essentials, we can look fabulous and dry, regardless how much rains.

In today’s post, I would like to share rain essentials for elegant women.

  • Oil For Hair and Face

Rain water can cause dry hair and skin. Make you hydrate your hair and skin constantly.

  • Waterproof makeup

If you are going for a weekend trip, you should have waterproof makeup for rainy days. You wouldn’t like to have a photo running mascara.

  • Rain jackets

Rain jackets are perfect item to cover yourself from rain. You can opt colorful ones to add splash of style and color to your outfit.

  • Scarf

Scarf will keep you warm and dry. Also it is an amazing accessory to complete your look.

  • Umbrella

Umbrella is an essential. Rain jacket may cover you but if rains heavy, you need a umbrella.

  • Rain boots

Until high school, ı wasn’t a huge fan of rain boots. I studied high school in Barcelona and It was raining a lot. First time, I bought rain boots there and I loved them immediately. They are comfortable and protects you from the rain very well. You can splash around in puddles as much as you want because cleaning them is very easy.

What is your favorite rain essential? Let me know it below

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