Hello Angels,

We are already in November. Time is passing very fast and November made me realize how close we are to Christmas and New Year. Especially this year, we all need some serenity.

There are so many reasons to love November. Today I would like to share the best reasons to love November.

Perfect Balance Of Fall and Winter

The weather is mix of cold and bright. It is the transition month between cold winter to rain. It is an amazing time for outdoor activities.

The Colorful Leaves

The streets of Rome crowns with multicolored splendor fall leaves every year. It is perfect time to visit Rome.

Black Friday

Black Friday deals are awesome. Everywhere crowded in black friday but it is really worth to do shopping.

Movie Nights

Movie nights are one of the best activities in chilly November nights. Make sure to pair it with popcorn.

Spiritually Self Care Time

It is perfect month to take care your spiritiaul side. With the chilly (sometimes rainy) weather and calming vibes make November perfect time to take yourself. You can start meditation or yoga , recharge and set new intentions.

Sweater Weather

The wardrobe upgrade usually comes about beginning on november. A stylish sweater, sexy dresses and fashionable leggings make winter fashion irresistible.

Hot Chocolate

Chilly weather + hot chocolate combination is amazing.

Festive Spirit

Festive spirit starts in December 8 in Italy but there are still many people out there whose Christmas begins in November. You can start to enter festive spirit in middle of the November.


From pumpkin desserts to beauty products, there are so many reasons to love pumpkin

What do you love about this month? Let me know below

I wish you a Happy November

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