Hello Angels,

I love to try and learn new things. Some of my interests are fitness, fashion and healthy diet. I am a fashion designer and my job is like my hobby. That’s why everyday I already make time for one of my hobbies.

Fitness and healthy diet have been part of my life for years. I love to learn new things about these subjects. I make researches, read a book and I write a blog about the things I discover.

Especially in pandemic time, online courses became very popular. I couldn’t start online courses those times because I was concentrated on my website (www.loveinrome.it).

A few weeks ago, I had a free time and I wanted to try new thing. For this reason I attended to online course which was Stanford university’s Introduction to Food and Health.

I heard this course from many people and I wanted to attend it for a long time. I finished it one day because I had a free time and I loved the course so much. It was very informative. If you are interested in healthy diet like me, I recommend you attend this course.

Last week, I started a new course which is Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories. Also this course is amazing.

From personal development to health, there are plenty of subjects and courses. You can find it on www.coursera.org.

I highly recommend you to attend a course in which you are interested. It is amazing way to fill your free time and learn new things.

Have you ever attended online course? What do you think about it? Let me know it below

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