Hello Angels,

The first month I moved to Rome (nine years ago) was fun at the same time it was very stressful for me. It was stressful because I was searching an apartment and I couldn’t find what I want. Also, I didn’t have an idea about the neighbourhoods in Rome.

One month later, I found an apartment in Trastevere. The apartment was very old but I decided live there for six months until I find a better one.

My apartment was only two minutes away to Piazza Trilussa (which is a very popular piazza). Those days I didn’t know how lucky I was. I didn’t know Trastevere’s popularity. Honestly, I didn’t like the apartment very much. It was too small and old for me.

One evening I decided to go out with my friends. They were also foreigner like me and they didn’t know much about the place to go but they knew popularity of Trastevere. When I told them I live in Trastevere they told me they would come to my neighbourhood.

We went to one of the most popular bar in Trastevere. Later, I started to discover Trastevere. When I was living there, I was going out almost all day long.

Six months later, I moved from there. My current house is very close there that’s why I visit Trastevere constantly.

There are so many reasons to love Trastevere. It has a medieval charm with cobblestone streets, great food and fun nightlife.  There are piazzas which are the heart of the district.

Piazzas are a place for socializing and entertainment. Locals, tourists and international students are gathering there everyday.

There is no way to feel sad or bored in Trastevere. There are so many places to discover and relax. Also, there are so many Italian and international people so you can meet new people and learn other cultures along with Italian culture.

 There are so many bars that’s why you hear noise even in the middle of the night. When I was living there, I literally slept with sound so now I can sleep comfortably even with the sound of music.

Have you ever been in Trastevere? Let me know it below

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