Hello Angels,

Winter is here and it is time to say hello to cold weather and mugs of hot chocolate.

I believe that every season has their own beauty, joy and challenges. Winters are long and dark. The inherent nature of winter can be challenging when it snows or rains but it has also many good sides such as freezing weather brings people together. The holidays such as Christmas or New year bring family’s together and make us realize the wonderful things in our life to gratitude for.

In today’s post, I would like to share the reasons to love winter.

  • Hot Beverages

It is time to grab your favroite mug and prepare something warm. It can be green tea, coffee or delicious homemade hot chocolate.

  • Get Outside Of The House

Get outisde for a simple walk or meet with your friends. Vitamin D is very important for your health and you should absortd some Vitamin D.

  • Elegant Winter Fashion

Winter fashion offers more clothes variety than summer. Big coats, sweaters, boots, hats and gloves are nice opportunity layer all of your favorite clothes into one outfit.

  • Carbohydrates

Winter is a perfect excuse to eat carbonhydrates (of course moderately). You can eat a cinnamon rolls once a week.

  • Read a book

Some people read everyday some don’t pick up book until winter arrives. No matter which type person are you, winter is a nice season to read a book.

  • Holiday Lights

Walk around and admire the decorated streets. December is magical and enjoy it.

  • Cook Seasonal Foods

Seasonal whole foods are healthy and they help get through the season. Learn new winter recipies. Eat well and enjoy.

  • Relax

Take your self mentally and physically. Cold weather is a great excuse to relax at home. Meditate, write a gratitude journal or sleep. Do favorite activies.

  • Snuggle Up

Winter is usually cold but it depends on location in the world. The cold weather means snuggling up under a favorite blanket and read books or watch a movie. One of my favorite blanket is mermaid blanket from my online store. It is really lovely and keeps you warm. You can check it out from here.

What is your favorite thing in winter? Let me know below

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