Hello Angels,

We are living in a fast world. We set ourself a goal and we put an effort to reach that goal. Many people are too busy to do their task and they don’t reward themself even after the reach their goal.

Until a few years ago, I was one of them. I was very eager to reach my goal as a business owner. I was concentrated on my job and I didn’t reward myself. When I was working, I was giving myself a break maximum 10 minutes. I pushed myself hard and it wasn’t motivating for me. When I realized that pushing myself is not helping, I decided to celebrate myself constantly.

When I started to celebrate myself no matter what, everything started to become better. I started to feel more productive and motivated.

There was one problem until this year.  I was still giving myself a maximum 10 minutes break between my work. One of my New Resolution for this year was solving this problem and I really solved it. I give myself more break between my work and I reward myself constantly. I can assure that it is very motivating and it makes you more eager to reach your goal. You are the only person who can reward yourself.

In today’s post I would like to share ways to reward yourself.

  • Enjoy a book and a coffee in your favorite place (It can be your favorite cafe or your living room) for a hour.

  • Run a hot bath with a candle and good music

  • Take a break a day/ a holiday

  • Buy yourself a gift

  • Have a beauty treatment

  • Go to a lunch/dinner

  • Watch a tv series/film

  • Buy flowers for your home

  • Meet with the people you love

  • Visit a museum/exhibition

  • Treat yourself  with your favorite food

  • Diffuse your favorite essential oil

What is your favorite way to reward yourself? Let me know it below

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