Hello Angels,

I think it is good to change our style from time to time.  You can add something you never worn before and create combinations with your favorite pieces. For example, I wasn’t into leather jacket a few years ago. With the encouragement of my mother, I decided to buy it and since than I create many combinations.

One of the best things about fashion is we can use our creativity and try new styles. In my opinion, rocker outfits are one of the cool fashion styles.

The rock chic style entered the fashion world in the 1970’s. In 2023, rocker girl style is still cool. Rocker chic is re-inventing itself as stylish and sexy.

Whether you are trying a new style or you love rock music or prefer to fashion reflect your music taste, in today’s post I would like to share tips to have look like a rocker chick.

  • Pick fashion icons

Celebrities are great inspiration for fashion. You can pick fashion icons who prefer rocker outfits.

  • Check your wardrobe

Think about what kinds of clothes you need and evaluate your current outfits. Even when you never tried rocker girl style, I am sure that you will find some pieces which ar perfect for this style.

  • Shopping for rock chick staples

There are plenty of rock chick statement pieces. After evaluate your wardrobe, you can start to shopping to complete your look. You can opt to buy pieces such as;

  • Leather jacket

  • Black skinny jeans

  • T-shirt

  • Ripped Jeans

  • Mini skirt

  • Shorts

  • Ankle boot

  • Aviator or oversized sunglasses

  • Slouchy and oversized piece with fitted pieces

When it comes to rocker chick look, you should combine oversized piece with fitted piece such as you can wear oversized shirt with fitted mini skirt or skinny black jeans.

  • Hairstyle

For a rocker chick girl look, you can opt fringe and wavy, tousled hairstyle.

  • Makeup style

To have a sexy rocker chick girl looki you can opt cat eye makeyp with a pink toned lipstick.

  • Accessories

You can wear long necklaces and rings.

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