Hello Angels,

Rome is in orange zone since 30th of March. That’s why I have an opportunity to visit the places I want.

Since I came back to Rome ( 1st of March), I couldn’t go to my favorite places. I was 14 days in self isolation at home later Rome became a red zone. In red zone, we are not allowed to moving around the city, unless it’s for work, health reasons or study, we may work out in the vicinity of our home and hairdressers, beauty salons remain closed.

First thing in the morning of 30th of March, I went out for shopping and strolled around. First time in my life I wasn’t in Rome for three months and I really missed this wonderful city.

On the following days (April 3,4 and 5) Italy will be red zone.

These days, I go out every morning and I try to visit the places I love as much as possible. All April long restrictions are going to continue. There will be no yellow zone in Italy for now. Of course I prefer orange zone than red zone because at least I can go out any place I want.

In today’s post I would like to share Spring 2021 Rome photos.

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