Hello Angels,

Today is the first day of Spring season. Officially, Spring starts on the 21st of March and finishes on the 21st of June but temperatures start to rise from Mid February in Rome.

Spring is the season of rebirth. Temperature rises, flowers bloom and they bring fresh colors and amazing smell also days start to become longer.

Spring means spending time outside, on nature and stroll around the city. It is also nice to deep clean our apartment, refresh our wardrobe and concentrate on nature.

Rome is perfect in every season but if you prefer to visit without wearing heavy jackets, you can visit in Spring time. The weather is not too cold and not too hot.

Mornings and evenings chilly but afternoons are often warm. Light jacket, light scarf and sweater will be helpful during morning and evening.

Rome is also surrounded with beautiful flowers and you can see a lot of colorful bloom of flowers during Spring.

Every spring, places like Spanish Steps decorated with colorful flowers. It is really worth seeing.

There are also gardens such as Orange Garden on Aventine Hill and Rose Garden, also located at the foot of Aventine Hill. The garden is usually open between April and June. You can see more than 1,000 roses varieties bloom.

Rome is not crowded until Easter time. Easter is very busy and lovely time in Rome. You can find small to large chocolate Easter Eggs and Colombo ( similar to panettone).

Spring is also perfect opportunity for day trips from Rome. There are many fabulous places to visit such as Tivoli and Nemi.

Have you ever been in Rome in Spring time? In which season would you prefer to visit Rome?  Let me know it below

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