It summertime and holiday season has begun. You decided to visit to Rome, you booked your plane and hotel and It is time to prepare luggage.

For me the most difficult thing is prepare luggage for holiday.I think most ladies have same problem. You can’t decide the dresses and combinations. For example I am the one who changes mind all the time. First I decide to wear maxi dress after I decide to wear skirt, that’s why I was bringing many clothes for holiday but my this attitude changed two years ago.

Two years ago, I was preparing luggage for my hometown Istanbul. I was going to stay only one week but I couldn’t decide my outfits like alwaysJ and I brought almost half of my wardrobe. My luggage was very big but almost no space left.

I went to Istanbul and I did a lot of shopping there but my luggage didn’t have space and I had to come back with two luggages. Even my handbag was full of stuff. It was tiring to carry many things with me.

After that day, I decided to plan my outfits two days before my holiday and It is very comfortable. I plan day to day and I don’t have to put so much effort for decide outfit.

If you are going to visit Rome in summertime, It will very easy to prepare luggage because you don’t have to put boots or coat, only dresses, skirts and maybe shorts and jeans.

I personally don’t recommend bring jeans because weather is very very hot (especially july and august). I am sure that you will visit many places in Rome and that’s why you will want to feel comfortable. You can feel very comfortable with your outfit and also can be very elegant at the same time.

I would like to share four different outfits for four popular spots in Rome. I hope you like my combinations.

1) Trevi Fountain

A magical Baroque masterpiece, Trevi Fountain is the most famous fountain, spot in the world. If you want to spend magical moments and take nice photos, you should visit early in the morning around 7 and 8 o’clock or late night. In my opinion, you should visit at two different times (early morning and late night)

Dress: Aphrodite One Sided Frill Dress

Bag: Celine

Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas

Lipstick: Urban Decay

2) Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is the third largest park in Rome. It is containing museums ( Galleria Borghese) and buildings. The park in the English and Italian taste.

In the center of the park, there is an artificial lake. You can rent a boat at the lake for spending romantic moments in the heart-shaped park.

Dress: C’est La Vie

Bag: Furla

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent

3) Circo Massimo

It was an ancient Rome’s largest chariot racing stadium and today It is a mass entertainment venue which situated in the valley between Palatine Hills and Aventine.

Circo Massimo outfit

Dress: Black Tea Asymmetrical Dress

Shoes: Aquazzura

Bag: Chanel

Lipstick: NYX

4) Piazza Venezia

It is in the heart of Rome. It is only a short walk to some of the most famous sights like the Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill and Pantheon.

Unlike Piazza Navano or Piazza del Popolo, traffic dominates the square.

Piazza Venezia Fashion

Dress: Helen Frill Shoulder Dress

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent

Bag: Michael Kors

Perfume: Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana