Hello Angels,

Every season has unique beauty and Rome is always wonderful in every season. The best thing to do in summer time in Rome is enjoying warm, sunny days and pleasant evenings. The days are long and some museums are open even in the evening.

In summer, weather is very hot and humid in Rome. I love to go out but it can be challenging because of the humidity. One of my favorite things to do is enjoy the beautiful city before it gets too hot and crowded.

I love going outside, even though turning on the air conditioner and sit at home sounds a better option in hot, sweaty summer. Summer days long and love to go even hot afternoon.

Best things to do for the heat is eating a gelato or drinking granita and wearing comfortable outfit.

One of the best things about summer is we can get ready faster than winter. In winter time, we should wear coat, leggings, etc. but in summer time a lovely dress and shoes are enough also minimum make up is better because hot weather ruins our makeup also we tan that’s why we only need a few minutes for a makeup.

I don’t wear jeans in summer because of the hot weather. I prefer dress, skirt, shorts or jumpsuit. Especially flowly and maxi dresses are very comfortable and effortlessy cool. In today’s post, I would like to share three outfit ideas for summer in Rome. They are comfortable and stylish.

Flat ballerinas are always my first choice as a shoes. Street of Rome is cobblestoned that’s why they are very comfortable and look amazing with everything.

Maxi dresses are indispensable for me, especially the flowy ones. They look cute and comfortable. You can complete your look with sandals.

Jumpsuit offers elegance in one piece. It is easy to complete your look. It looks stylish and comfortable.

What is your favorite outfit for a summer in Rome? Let me know it below

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