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As a fashion designer, one of the things that catches my attention in movies is the costumes. In my opinion, music and costumes complete a movie.

Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite movies. William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet has been adapted to movies many times.I watched its three adaptations and I love all of these three adaptations.

Romeo and Juliet has a tragic ending but the love between two young and costumes makes the movie worth watching.

Romeo and Juliet’s movie in 1968 which is directed and co written by Italian Franco Zeffirelli, won Academy Awards for Best Costume Design.

Italian Danilo Donati was the costume designer and he won the Academy Awards for Best Costume Design twice. The second time for his work in Fellini’s Casanova.

Romeo and Juliet’s costumes inspired by the Early Renaissance. Donati inspired by Renainssance paintings of the time. Intricately designed beads, velvets and colorful jewels adorned make movie’ costumes sumptuous and unforgettable.

  • Romeo + Juliet 1996

Baz Luhrman’s modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is still popular which set on Verona Beach and Motagues and Capulets are two rival business empires.

Australian costume designer Kym Barrett designed movie’s costumes.

For the love at first sight scene , Barrett put Juliet (Claire Danes) in a white gown and angel  wings and for Romeo ( Leonardo Di Caprio) a knight costume.

In wedding scene, Romeo wore a custom made blue suit by Miuccia Prada and Danes wore white cocktail dress.

  • Romeo and Juliet (2013)

It is a 2013 film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play. Romeo and Juliet film shot on locations in Italy and they used traditional setting of Renaissance Verona.

The movie was co-produced by Swarovski which is the first luxury label to go into film making.

Italian costume designer Carlo Poggioli designed movies costumes. He designed estimated that around 1,000 costumes for the movie. All costumes crafted by local seamstresses.

The costumes adorned by Swarovski crystals which all of them were fantastic.  Swarovski said that half a million crystals used on 1,000 costumes.

All costumes were amazing. Especially blue velvet gown embroidered with crystals worn by Juliet during the Ball was magical.

Have you ever watched any of these three adaptations? If you watched, which adaptations costumes are your favorite? Let me know it below

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