Marie Jeanne Rosa Bertin was born in Abbeville, a textile town in Picardy region in France in 1747. She was known as first famous French fashion designer and credited with bought Haute Couture.

In young age, Rosa Bertin moved to Paris and she aprrenticed to milliner. She became business partner with Mademoiselle Pagelle. Thanks to her good relations with the Duchesse de Chartress,  the Princesse de Lambelle and Princesse de Conti, Bertin’s success came early.

Rosa Bertin opened her own boutique ( Le Grande Mogol) on Rue Saint-Honore  in 1770. She made noble customers quickly.

Loise Marie Adelaide de Bourbon introduced Bertin to new queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Her fate changed after meeting with Marie Antoinette. She met with French Queen in 1772. She started to meet with her twice a week for present her newest designs. The young Queen adored Bertin’s design and was passionate about details. ( You can read fashion icon Marie Antoinette)

In the mid 18th century, Pouf was new trend in France. Bertin started to poufs for Marie Antoinette.

Bertin was called as ‘Minister of Fashion’. She was the brain of every new dress. She clothed Marie Antoinette from 1770 until 1792. Her elegant creations helped France as the center of the fashion. According to sources, Bertin had more than 1.500 clients. French made dresses were sent to Vienna, Istanbul, London, Venice and Saint Petersburg.

Rosa Bertin’s good luck started to change in outbreak of French Revolution. Her many noble custumors began executed or flew abroad. Bertin started to fear for her life because she had ties with court and queen. Some Republicans and Royalists blamed Rosa Bertin for encouraging Antoinette’s excesses which she continued to do it until queen’s imprisonment.  For this reason, Bertin moved to London. She was still able to serve her old, exile clients in European capitals.

She moved to France in 1795. Empress Josephine became Bertin’s client but other Frenchwomen were not her client anymore. Fashion excesses were not like Marie Antoinette’s era.

Rosa Bertin died in 1813 at her country at Epinay-Sur-Seine.