Hello Angels,

One of my favorite gym machine is rowing machine. It is a full body workout that combines strenght and cardio. According to researches it uses up to 86 percent of your muscles in order to perform the full movement. It activates major muscles in your arms, back, core and legs that increases cardiovascular capacity as well as body strenght.

In gyms generally tredmills and ellipticals are very popular and rowing machine is one of the piece of equipment that unoccupied.

One of the best things about rowing machine is you don’t need to use it for hours. You can use it only 15 minutes.

When I read its benefits, I loved it more.

  • Improves posture

Rowing machine primarily uses your core, back and legs which has postural benefits because engage the backside of the body and this balances your muscle strenght. As a result, correct the bad posture.

  • Tones the lower body

Because you use your legs so much in this workout which targets lower body. It builds a strength and endurance.

  • High intensity

Yoı work at a high intensity but not feeling exhausted after the rowing machine because you don’t put so much weight on your joints.

  • Less injury risk

It has less injury rick because it is a low impact.

  • Burn calories

Depending on your bodyweight, 30 minute rowing burns up to 300 calories

  • Reduces stress

There is a mind and body connection with rowing. Rhythm of repetitive movements allow your mind to go on autopilot.

  • Good for people of all fitness levels

  • Lots of fun

You can do rowing while watching your favorite series or holding a conversation.

  • Improves self confidence

When your tone your body shape and improve your posture, your image of yourself will boost and you will feel automatically feel confident.

  • Aerobic benefits of rowing machine workouts

Rowing has same benefits with aerobic because forces your body to make repetitive rowing motions which increases your heart rate and forces to breathe more often. Oxygen rushes to muscles to keep them functioning which is a same effect with aerobic exercise

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