Hello Angels,

With the beginning of autumn, coronavirus cases are rising in Italy again. We are not in total lockdown like last march but Italian government started to tighten restrictions. Gyms, pools, cinemas, theatres are suspended. Bars and restaurants are open until  midnight but after 18:00 only take away is allowed.

I love to go to gym so much and I used to go at least four days a week. This time is better than march because we are allowed to exercise at outside.I am a very active person and I walk so much. Even after gym I always walk at least two hours. My body got used to walking a lot and walking is not challenging me anymore as a exercise.

Last time lockdown was started to ease in 4th of may. Gyms were closed but we were allowed to go out. I was walking at least two hours a day and I was doing big Rome tour everyday. I was walking from Colosseum to Trieste Quarter or Trastevere to Villa Borghese.

Now my gym is closed at least until 24 november and I decided to use this time for running and exercise with body weight.

I never run in my life. I am out of breath even when I run for two minutes. I read many benefits of running and  decided to create workout challenge list until 24 november . One of my challenge is running at least 3 km four days a week. My challenge started last saturday and I already run 4 km.

My home is very close to lungatevere which is one of the best places to run, walk and relax in Rome. I never thought that I can run that much. I really love to run right now and I understand people who run everyday. I will continue to run at least two times a week even when my gym is open.

I highly recommend running if you haven’t tried before.

Do you run? What do you think of running? Let me know below

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