Hello Angels,

Today my 14 day self isolation finished. I made a lot of  plan for after self isolation but I am not able to achieve them at least until 6th of April. Italy is divided into three zones now, white, orange and red. Only Sardinia is classified as a white zone now.

  • From yesterday, Rome is in the red zone. The restrictions for the red zone are:

  • Moving around your own city is not allowed, unless it is for essential reasons such as; work and grocery shopping.

  • Work out outdoors are only allowed in the vicinity of your apartment.

  • Shops are closed expect for grocery stores, pharmacies and other shops that sell essential goods.

  • Beauty centers and hairdressers are closed.

Actually this is not a surprise because there was a lockdown exactly these days last year and we had to remain home for two months.

This time is worst for me because I already remained at home for 14 days and now I can only go out for my essential needs and exercise next to my apartment. I love to walk for hours and I will not able to do at least until April.

Closure of hairdressers are also bad because I have highlights and I may need a reflection. I already have some products to preserve the color but I still may need to go to hairdresser until April. Of course, I am not the only person in Rome who need a hairdresser and go out.

Lockdown affects on every person and it is difficult to find positive sides. If we concentrate on bad sides of lockdown and not keeping ourselves busy, It is going to reflect our mental health in a bad way.

Mental health should be our priority so we should keep ourselves busy. If you are living in quarantine zone like me, you can do a lot things for yourself.

I am working from home that’s why I keep myself busy for hours. I have new projects on my mind and I can work on them to achieve them.

You can focus on your hobbies, your projects or dreams. If you are not sure, what do you want in your life, you can find it now and work on it.

Keep yourself busy to keep yourself healthy in mentally and physically. Read some books, read and listen positive things on internet, watch movies, exercise, dream and make plans for after lockdown. Make a bucket list for places to visit, concentrate on your hobbies, etc..

I know it is not easy to keep yourself positive and productive. You don’t have to push yourself to be productive. Just concentrate on things that make you happy.

Last thing, we should support each other. Even we can’t meet physically with our loved ones, we can talk on the phone. Don’t isolate yourself from the people you love.

I hope everything will be better soon.

Where do you live and how is the  situation in your country ? Let me know below

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