‘With confidence, you have won before you have started.’ Marcus Garvey

There are only one way that will always lead yo success, It is confidence.

Have you ever looked someone and said ‘Wow, they are very confident’ Do you ever wonder their secrets to stay confident all the time?

Many people asked this question many times but they never seeked answer. There are many ways in which you can be self-confidence.

We have had confident eroding events in our lives such as negative events in love life or some bad experiences at university. If we don’t observe our feeling, these negativity may stick to us such as lack of confidence.

Our mind can trick us easily, which can bring us down. Positive energy has more high vibes than negative but we are incilined to negativity more.

According to some psychologists our beliefs about ourselves shape and lead us to how to behave, feel and think. Our self thoughts becomes our life. The more positive thougts and confidence give you positive life.

Here are some secrets to stay confident

  • Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

‘ A flower does not think of competing with the flower next it. It just blooms.

It is the worst and unrespectful thing you can do is compare yourself to others. Everybody special in their way. You are comparing yourself according to mythical ‘norms’

You should take a action to make improvements for yourself not for others. You can only control yourself and your actions. The only person you should be comparing is who you were yesterday.

You should be ok with imperfections. No one is perfect. Everybody have own strenghts and weakness.

For example, I can’t draw very well. When I was at university, I admired the other people who draws very well. I was feeling very bad about this. One day I sat and I thought about my strenghts and weaknesses. Maybe I can’t draw like my other friends but I can dance very good. I am really good at tango and bachata. After I discovered my strengts and weaknesses, I felt very good and I continued to draw. I compare my old drawings and new drawings. I see nice results because I only compete with myself.

  • Don’t Limit Your Beliefs

Even the successful people have limiting thoughts but difference is learn to turn off your thoughts.

Negative thoughts can come to every persons mind but difference is focusing. Maybe negative thought came to your mind but what action do you take? You continue to focus on negativity or forget about it?

If you don’t forget about it, you will put limiting beliefs and will not want to continue toward to your goal. Also you will feel uncofident and unhappy.

Be comfortable in your own skin, forget about beliefs . Limitations are not a drawback rather It gives you more power to improve yourself. Thoughts have power to change everything so be aware your thoughts and believe in yourself. Than your self confidence will be unbreakable.

  • Don’t Mask It

People who have self confidence, they don’t try to impress the others. Why you try to impress the others? Who are they? Are they ruler of your life? Are they perfect?

Nobody is perfect in this life. Everybody have own destiny and goals. Only thing is improving yourself in this life.

That’s why never wear a mask for impress the others. It is one of the saddest action, you take. Mke your choices that lead toward the future you want to live.

  • Notice Good Things About Yourself

People are always find reasons to unhappy about themself or lives. Noticing good thing about yourself is much worthy than concentrating negativity.

  • Focus On Learning

One of the best way of building confidence. When you are good something including pilates or dance, you will be able to see your strengts more.

Find a hobby and keep practicing. The more you improve, you will feel better about yourself.

  • Take Care Your Body And Mind

When I say take your body, It doesn’t mean that have a body like model. It means keep yourself healty. The food we eat, reflect our body and mind. When you eat really high amout carbonhhdrate, you will feel more tired and unmotivated but when you walk even 15 minutes and eat more healty foods including vegetables and fruits, you will feel more dinamic and motivated.