Hello Angels,

New year usually starts with good intentions. You prepare New Year resolutions and push yourself to achieve them. According to researches 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by end of January.

Personally believe that New Year resolutions should include something related self care. Self care is the discipline of taking care of your mental and physical well being. If you don’t feel good, you can’t achieve any New year resolutions.

Have you ever heard self care kit?

I have heard a few months ago and I made a research about it. You can carry with you everywhere. It includes items that make you feel happy and comfortable.

Some days we don’t want to do anything. Every activity seems boring including reading a book and watching movies. A self care kit will uplift you and bringing back from the boredem.

Your self care kit is personal. Before prepare it take some time to brainstorm things that make you feel good. Maybe you like to read romantic books or listen to music?

Preparing self care kit is fun and amazing investment to yoursef. You can always add new things.

As we enter the new year, why don’t you prepare  a self care kit foryourself? Are you ready to build magnificient self care kit?

Check out these ideas to put in your kit

  • Romance book or light book

  • Self help book

  • Journal and colorful pens

  • Headphones

  • Oil diffuser and essential oils

  • Adult coloring book

  • Photos of your family and friends

  • Positive quotes and affirmations

  • Face and hair masks

  • Candles

  • Your favorite food such as chocolate

  • Coffee

  • Herbal tea

What should go in your self care kit? Let me know it below

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