Hello Angels,

I came back to Italy three days ago and I self isolated myself for 14 days.

First time in my life, I stayed away from Rome for so long and I really missed this wonderful city. I would like to  walk for hours and visit all my favorite places but It is impossible for now. I should stay at home eleven days more.

I work from home and I love to spend time at home but this time it is a little bit difficult for me. I am in Rome for months later and weather is amazing but all I have to do is staying at home.

I am an optimistic person and I would like to share the benefits of self isolation for 14 days. Many people around the world has to self isolate for 14 days due to pandemic.

 Meeting friends, spending some time at outside and do shopping are one of the most amazing things to do but staying at home also has many benefits. If you are in my situation right now and feel bored, I would like to share tips for a lovely 14 days.

Find your Purpose

I work from home and It is an amazing opportunity to concentrate on my website and my new projects. If you are not working from home, it is an amazing opportunity to find your purpose and find ways to accomplish your desires.


As you know me, I love exercise so much. Gyms are closed for months and It was a great opportunity discover fitness videos from youtube. You can exercise videos and do them at home.


When people stay at home, they are more keen to eat. Until two years ago, I was one of them. Now I discover healthy recipes, create a weekly diet list and cook them. You can try new, delicious recipes.

Watch a Movie

Prepare a movie list, grab a popcorn and start to the movies on your list.

Read a Book

Reading books has many benefits both physical and mental health. Especially if you are learning new language, It is a perfect way to learn grammar and new vocabularies. The other benefits are;

  • Increases ability to empathize

  • Strengthens brain

  • Help you falling sleep

  • Reduces Stress

Prepare your wardrobe for spring.

The winter is over so it is time to prepare a spring wardrobe.  You can research new spring trends and start to do shopping online.


When people stay alone, there are keen to be depressive. Actually staying alone  is a perfect opportunity to discover your desires, reconsider positive and negative things in your life and be grateful for what’s in your life. Grab a coffee, sit, breathe and think positive things in your life.

Have you ever self isolated yourself for 14 days? What are your tips? Let me know below

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