Hello Angels,

Every month is wonderful in Rome but September is one of the most wonderful time.

Rome in September welcomes the beautiful chilly weather. Chillier temperature make you go out more rather than sticky hot like in August.

If you are planning to visit Rome, I highly recommend you visit in September which is one of the best times for visiting Rome.

In this post, I would like to share my favorite spots to visit right now.

This year my favorite spots changed due to corona virus. Until this year, my favorite spots were including a lot of bars,restaurants and stores. These places are still my favorite ones but I honestly didn’t visit them like recent years and I am not sure when I am going to visit them again.

This year I am more willing to spend time at outdoor places like parks.

My 4 Favorite Places to Visit Right Now

The best things to see in Rome for tourists are museums, exhibitions, shopping and food. I live in Rome for eight years and I still love to visit places like Colosseum and Vatican museum but now I am going to share more different places.

Also everything is very different this year. Normally there are many touristic city tours but this year most of them cancelled.

I would like to share my favorite four places to visit right now

  • Iconic sights like Trastevere neighborhood, Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain

Rome has plenty of piazzas and beautiful streets. You can find restaurants, stores and bars at these locations. As well as a wonderful places to relax and take some photos.

  • Orto Botanico

It is a hidden oasis in Rome. The beautiful botanical garden contains different themes and ecosystems. The gardens are tranquil and clean. It is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of foot traffic.

  • Villa Doria Pamphili

This beautiful place became one of my favorite place after the lockdown It is very close to Trastevere. It is a lesser known but still popular place in Rome

  • Quartiere Coppede

It is a wonderful place to get away from crowds and see local side of the city.The beautiful quartiere is walking distance of Villa Borghese.

Florentine architect Gino Coppede designed. He inspired from various architectures styles such as Art Nouveau, Classic, Byzantine, etc.

Have you ever been in Rome? If you have been, what is your favorite place? Let me know below