Hello Angels,

Every person desires to have a youthful, healthy skin and shiny, thicker hair but when it comes to appy skin care and hair care routines, many people fail it. You don’t have to buy a lot of products to have a wonderful hair and healthy skin. Some beauty hacks which include lifestyle changes and natural ingredients that can improve your skin and hair health. In today’s post, I would like to share these beauty hacks.

  • Keep some makeup remover on your nightstand

Taking our makeup before sleep is important for our skin but when you are tired, it is difficult to take off. So, some makeup remover on your nightstand will push you take your makeoff.

When you out of makeup remover, you can use coconut oil as a makeup remover.

  • Make your darker foundation lighter

In summer time, your foundation look darker. You can solve this problem with a little moisturizer. All you need to add a moisturizer to lighten foundation.

  • Dust translucent powder for long lasting lipstick

When your lipstick don’t last all day, apply lipstick and apply a light dust traslucent powder lightly over your lips.

  • Revive dried mascara

When your favorite mascara dried out, use a few drops of contact lenses solution.

  • Use face mist when you don’t have a time to redo your makeup.

You did your makeup and started your day. Afternoon you have a plan but don’t have a time to redo your makeup. Don’t worry, spritz on a face mist will help you absorb dull looking foundation and conceler and make your skin look fresh and shiny.

  • Lip balm for cracking cuticles

Especially freezing winter cause dry cuticles. You can rub them with some lip balm.

  • Plumper lips

You can make your lips look plumper by mixing peppermint oil into your lip gloss.

  • Avoid mascara smudges by holding up a business card

You can avoid mascara smudges by holding up a business card behind your lashes when you apply mascara.

  • Create two ponytails for longer and fuller ponytail

Create two ponytails on top of each other and wrap of hair around both elastics and pin it in place under.

  • Use your lip balm for brows

You can use lip balm as a brow mascara. Apply lip balm with your fingers on your brow.

  • White eyeliner for eyes and lips

You can apply white eyeliner to accentuate your cupid’s bown and apply inside of your bottom lids to make your eyes bigger.

  • Use natural oils for healthy hair

Oils like coconut oil and olive oil help to have a healthy and thicker hair. You can check DIY homemade hair masks for healthy hair from here.

  • Dry brushing

Dry brushing is good for increasing circulation, reduce cellulite and exfloating your skin. You can use dry brushing every morning and night

  • Vaseline for lashes

Appy vaseline on your lashes with a clean mascara to have a naturally lifted lash look

  • Tea bags for under eyes

When you have puff eyes, you can grab two tea bags and hold them under your eyes for ten minutes.

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