Hello Angels,

‘Home sweet home’

It means home should be somewhere you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time.  A comfortable and calming home affects the people who live it.

A home should be sacred place that makes you feel secure and loving. It helps to have a healthy mind and body.

You can update your home with some easy tips to invite positive energy in. A lovely home will also bring more positivity into your life.

In today’s post I would like to share simple tips to increase positive energy into your home

  • Open the windows and let the sunglight into your home

Sunlight brings positivity. Spaces with dark areas tend to have heavy energy.

  • Declutter

Throw away broken pieces or furniture.

  • Plants

Plants are not decorative but also good for purify the air and raising the mood.  You can opt plants like aloe vera.

  • Candles

Lighthing candles at home creates relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

  • Clean house

A clean house attracts good energy. Keep your home as clean as possible.

  • Essential oil diffuser

Essential oils smell amazing and nice way to increase positive energy. Essential oils are not only increase positive energy but reduce stress, promote sleep and increasing concentration. You can opt oils such as lavender.

  • Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are popular for years. They look aesthetically good and emit calming and soothing light. They also purify the air.

  • Play uplifting music

A silence home can make you feel depressive. You can always opt soft background music. Play whatever music makes you feel happy.

  • Surround yourself with inspiring things

You can decorate your home with artwork, pictures of people you love and inspiring quotes. It will increase positive energy in your home.

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