Hello Angels,

There are a lot working out benefits linked with skincare. According to dermatologists, exercise helps our body to produce collagen and have a glowy skin if you have a skin care routine before and after your workout.

The sweat has many benefits and unwanted effects. Some of the benefits are;

It regenerates the skin cells

  • Remove toxins

However, if you don’t care your skin after your work out, the sweat can cause unwanted effects on your skin such as acne, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

In today’s post I would like to share skin care routine after work out.

  • Take a shower

You should wash away after a workout to remove all sweat, bacteria, etc. Wash your face with cleansing gel for face while in the shower.

  • Spray rose water onto your skin

Rose water is antimicrobial and contains antioxidants. For this reason, it is a perfect healthy skin barrier.

  • Apply a serum

Apply a serum help to have a healthy and glow skin. Your serum should contain vitamins to calm the skin and hydrate.

  • Moisturize

After cleasing, spray rose water and apply a serum, you should complete your skin care routine with a moisturizer. Moisturizition helps to skin replenish and reinforces to skin’s barrier.

  • Drink plenty of water

Staying well hydrated inside and outside is the key to have a healthy skin. You should drink plenty of water both before and after work out.

Dermatologists advide to drink water within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.

  • Apply a soothing mask

If you have a time after a workout, apply a soothing mask to treat your skin.

What is your skin care routine after workout? What is your favorite skin care products? Let me know it below

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