Hello Angels,

Last month I was in Kuşadası to visit my father. He has spas, hairdressers, etc. What more does a girl want?

I don’t like massage but I adore Turkish bath, skin care and hair care. I stayed there for one week and I visited hairdresser many times 🙂

Warm weather is lovely but it can wreak our skin and hair. I love to get treatments for my hair and skin.

Since last September, I reduced to use hair styling tools for a healthy hair. I used them for years and my hair became very dry. I use oils for my hair once a week and I am happy from the results.

When I was in Kuşadası, I had a opportunity have keratin treatment. When I talk about keratin treatment, some of my friends confuse with Brazilian blowout. Honestly, I didn’t know difference between keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout. I was thinking that Brazilian blowout is a treatment for a flat ironed straight and keratin is  for deep smoothing hair treatment.

I explained the hairdresser what I want and he did a keratin treatment for a smooth and shinier hair.

Since last week, I am in quarantena because 10 day quarantine is mandotary for arrivals from Turkey to Italy. I came back to Rome last week andI use my 10 day quarantena for my work and learning new things.

Today, I decided to make a research about difference between keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout.

When we go to hairdresser/spa, we should know what to ask for. Because people use different names for different treatments and this sometimes can be incorrect.

For example, I knew difference between smoothing keratin treatment to Brazilian blowout but when I told to my friends some of them confused with Brazilian blowout.

According to hair experts, all of the hair smoothing treatments includes keratin protein but keratin is not the shining star of the treatments.

Keratin is a type of protein which is responsible for hair’s health. It is also found in skin and nails. The protein protects the hair from humidity.

We have naturally have keratin but hair loses it with time due to pollution and sunlight. Keratin treatment helps the protein reach our hair follicles.

If you love your waves and curls like me, you should get a smoothing keratine treatment.

A keratin treatment aims to straighten the hair but a few wash later, your hair will start to be curly/wavy again. My hair has soft waves right now now.

The treatment last longer from 3 to 6 months. It depends on how often you wash your hair.

According to hair experts,  you should use shampoo that is formulated without sulfate after treatment because sulfate can have negative effect on keratin.

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